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Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Microsoft 365

This comprehensive course is all you need to understand how to manage information on SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Whether you’re an IM expert or just starting out, this course has all you need unlock the full power of SharePoint as an information management platform.

Through a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, you’ll learn to build the same kinds of term sets, hierarchies, workflows, records retention rules, and other components that you will need to deliver back in your organization.



Each module walks through a topic of information management, from the introductory basics to advanced topics, like security and retention. At the end of each module is a short quiz to test what you’ve learned.
Interspersing the instruction are a series of labs that help give you hands-on practice with the tools and techniques contained each module.
  • Introduction to Information Management in SharePoint and Office 365
  • Effective Information Architecture: Columns and Content Types
  • Effective Information Architecture: Storage, Integration, and Taxonomies
  • Capturing Content
  • Designing User Experience
  • Improving Search Relevance
  • Developing Search User Experiences
  • Security
  • Collaboration: Structured and Unstructured
  • Records, Retention, and Discovery


These labs give you direct experience with the tools available to you using Office 365. The majority of these labs include both Classic and Modern versions to reflect the different user interfaces you might encounter.

  • Create an Office 365 E3 Demo Environment
  • Shipping List
  • Bills of Lading
  • Product Folder
  • Using Content Types
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Vacation Requests – List Forms
  • Vacation Requests – Word Forms
  • Importing Files
  • Metadata Navigation
  • Hub Navigation
  • Create a Home Page
  • Creating View Experiences
  • Create a Managed Property
  • Boost Search Results with XRANK
  • Creating a Search Refiner
  • Creating a Display Template
  • Creating Promoted Results
  • Setting Permissions
  • Enabling Auditing
  • Creating a Workflow
  • Creating a Project Collaboration Site
  • Set Up Retention for a Content Type
  • Perform a Discovery

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